Conditional Sales Agreement

«___» __________20      г.

This agreement is between the owner of cattery "LYUKORN", registration number of the WCF 1461-2011, registration number of the CFA 225117Kornuta LyudmilaVladimirovnaon the one hand, hereinafter referred to as«Breeder»  and__________________________________________________________hereinafter referred to as «Buyer»

DATE OF BIRTH___________________________________________


General Conditions


1. The «Buyer» gets this cat only when it is 3-4-month-old. The «Buyer» should pay the whole sum three weeks earlier before he takes the cat to his house.

2. The «Buyer» must take care of this cat, provide this cat with balanced meal. The «Buyer» should vaccinate this cat regularly, the cat should be kept indoors and not be allowed to roam freely outside.

3.This cat cannot be resold for breeding to a third party or to another cattery. (Some exceptions are possible only with the «Breeder's»permition.)
If the «Buyer» decides to sell this cat even if it is castrated, the «Buyer» should inform the «Breeder».

4.If the «Buyer» decides to sell the cat, and the «Breeder» wants to buy this cat, the «Customer» should sell the cat at the same sum of money as it was when the cat was bought. If the cat is more than 4 years old, the «Buyer» should sell this cat at the sum that is twice less than it was when the «Buyer» bought the cat.

5.This cat has a breeding class (breeding quality cat defined by the "breeder" at the time of sale)
If this cat is sold as PET-class, the «Buyer» is obliged to castrate/ steriliz this cat before it isreaches sexual maturity. The «Buyer» gets the cat’s pedigree only after the cat is neutered/sprayed. If the «Buyer»breaks the ban on breeding, the cat’s pedigree is not given.

6.If this cat is BREED-class, the «Buyer» cannot has no right to make a complaint to the "breeder" in the case of unsatisfactory ratings on the Cat Shows.

7. If this cat is sold as BREED-SHOW class, it means that this cat can win a title at Cat Shows, but the «Breeder» cannot guarantee this, as many things depend on the «Buyer».
If this cat is BREED-SHOW class or SHOW class, the «Breeder» guarantees the absence of genetic defects. The «Breeder» is not responsible for the following development of the cat and its success in Cat Shows. In case of the appearance of any genetic effects, the «Breeder» must give another cat to the «Buyer».
If a cat is sold as SHOW class, the «Buyer» must show this cat at least at two Cat Shows (System WCF/CFA) before the cat is two-years old.

8. Customers can reserve cats by making prepayment. The required sum of money is different for every cat and is defined by the «Breeder». Prepayment cannot be given back! If the cat doesn’t grow according to his quality, the «Breeder» must give another cat to the «Buyer» during 6 months. If the «Breeder»cannot give another similar cat, the «Buyer» gets his prepayment back.
All expenses for a refund makes«Buyer». If the «Buyer» refuses to pay the full cost of a cat in a mandatory term Breeder has the right to sell a kitten to another person.

9.This cat(bought inthe cattery«LYUKORN») can be used for breeding only with the «Buyer’s» cats. Only the «Buyer» is breeder of kittens from this cat. All kittens should have a cattery’s prefix of the«Buyer».

10.The «Buyer» is considered to be a rightful owner of this cat and is responsible for this cat after the «Buyer» signs an agreement.

11.The «Breeder» guarantees that this cat undergoes vaccination before it is sold (vaccinated against rabies, panleukopenia, rhinotracheitis and kalitsiviroz), PKD-negative, free from fungal diseases and parasites.

12. If the male / female does not give birth to at least one kitten within 3 years «Breeder»shall replace the kitten.. If this cat became sterile because of some inflammatory diseases, the «Breeder» must not give another cat to the «Buyer».

13. Additional conditions:




TheBreeder can use the photos of the cat that was sold for advertisement of the cattery.
Purchaser’s signature and Breeder’s signature indicate full agreement of all above conditions.

Signature of Buyer __________________________________________

Signature of Breeder_________________________________________